How to quickly send documents to your PC without installing apps on your mobile

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Google and Samsung have decided to create the definitive way to send documents between mobile phones and between smartphones and Windows computers.


The war between Apple and Google in the field of mobile operating systems has been going on for almost two decades. In this time there have been many battles that one has won and another has won. Among them is that of be able to use an ecosystem of products that facilitates the sending of information between devices. Until recently, Apple won that war by a lot, with AirDrop, a protocol that used wireless communications between cell phones, computers and more devices.

Google responded, rather late, with Nearby, a very similar function that It used Bluetooth to pair devices and locate them and Wifi to send information, making the transfer speed very high. But some major brands, like Samsung, had their own protocol, called QuickShare.

A few days ago, both companies announced the merger of both protocols, creating a real alternative to AirDrop, one that allowed the quick and easy sending of information between any Android device compatible with Nearby, which was renamed QuickShare. Obviously, all Samsung phones are also compatible, without having to install anything.

Android and Windows

The best thing is that there is an application for computers with the Microsoft operating system, which allows you to receive and send files from your computer or mobile phones, as needed. Installation on Windows is free, and on mobile phones you don’t have to do anything, just select the specific device when sending the files.

In fact, currently It is even possible to send entire folders from your mobile to your computer., without having to select files individually. On Windows computers you can install this application directly from the Microsoft program store, without payments.


The problem comes when you want to use this method for computers that do not use Windows, such as Apple’s. Neither QuickShare nor Nearby are available on Macs, but there is an application developed by other programmers that allows information from cell phones to be sent to Apple computers. It’s called NearDrop and was talked about in this article. Installation is simple, but if it does not allow the program to run, you simply have to go to the Mac’s Privacy Settings and allow the installation of the application, which can be downloaded for free from its GitHub profile.

In any case, the shipping option is always the same. You have to select the file, click on the share button, look for the QuickShare icon and there select the device to send it to. Is very similar to sending something via Bluetooth, but much faster.

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