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How to quickly export a WhatsApp chat on Android

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Normally, a very high percentage of the groups and chats that we have on WhatsApp give us practically the same and if we lose them, it is not that we will remember them over the years. So for that, the messaging app has some specific functions to store certain conversations that, for whatever reason, become more relevant with the passage of time.

The backup, which is the one we all use daily with backup copies, stores everything to be able to restore it in case we lose the mobile and we have to recover the account in another. While selective saving looks for a record through a text file of everything we write. But do you know how to do it on Android?

Method other than iPhone

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Last week we reminded you how to do this same process with an iOS mobile since, to the general surprise, it is not the same as in Android. We don’t know very well why this is so, but surely an initial design weighed down by those buttons at the bottom of the Google OS It led to both apps not being alike at all. And after many years of accustoming your users to a specific layout, modifying it would be dangerous.

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How to export a WhatsApp chat on Android.

The point is that if you want to export an individual or group chat, what you have to do is go to “Settings” from WhatsApp and then choose the” Cheats “option. Once inside, you have to keep the last function, which is” Chat history “, and then choose” Export chat “. After those simple steps, we A list of all the selectable conversations will appear, so we click on the ones we want to save.

Then it will ask us if we want to export only the text or also all the files and documents that have been sent. This will be important to decide because the weight of the resulting file will be very different, as well as how to share it. It is not the same to obtain a ZIP of just 500Kb, then another of 1.5gB, since the first one we can send quickly from any messaging or email application, and the second one will need a cloud or a direct transfer through from apps like Google Files, Wifi Direct, etc.

Yes, that export will only contain messages and content to date same saved. Everything that is updated from that moment will not be available.

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