How to quickly access the latest images added to Google Photos

How to quickly access the latest images added to Google Photos
How To Quickly Access The Latest Images Added To Google

Google Photos was updated in recent days with one of the most complete and best updates we have seen of the photography app and, with each passing day, we are discovering new functions that will delight those who, little by little, rebuild all the memories of their lives, even if they are still on paper.

And one of the best features that they have introduced, and that few users have discovered, is that of going directly to the newly added photos and videos to our collection, without having to go to the main timeline to find them. But you will think, is that not already in charge of everything that appears in the “Photos” tab at the bottom left?

The answer is “no”, because it is one thing to see everything we have stored in the cloud in chronological order from newest to oldest, and another directly access the last thing we uploaded. And it is that for those people who are digitizing photographs on paper, to whom they later give a new date according to the moment in which they were taken (1995, 1970, 1983 …), or who simply receive from a friend a Shared photo album from a few years ago, this tool is wonderful because it allows you to find those memories almost instantly.

Let’s see the latest

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, the new “Search” tab at the bottom has become a magical place that allows us to find images and videos in a quick way. Whether through a map, or elements that are part of the scene, such as castles, lakes, beaches, etc., this section offers infinite criteria to find what we are looking for without wasting much time browsing its menus.

Recent uploads in Google Photos.

And an option that appears among them is “Recently added”, which you have in the “Your Activity” section and which is in charge of showing you the latest uploads to the cloud. Playing there you will see the contents that you have uploaded every day, from the most recent to the oldest. And we remember it again, it has nothing to do with the dates of the images or videos themselves, but the time to join our collection in Google Photos.

This “Recently Added” it works as a kind of cloud activity log for your account, with the moment in which certain memories were uploaded directly to your photo library, regardless of the date that the images have in their metadata.