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How to put a PIN to the Google TV settings so that nobody can change them

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google TV is here to stay. Google’s new operating system for smart TVs and media players aims to become a worthy successor to Android TV. And while it is true that there are still a couple of years before the transition from one system to another is complete, there are more and more devices that are compatible with the new OS. In this way, if you are going to buy a next-generation Sony Smart TV or the latest Chromecast presented by Google, you can enjoy its new operating system. And the truth is that Google TV has some very interesting options. For example, its interface receives an interesting face lift compared to Android TV, offering a much more current appearance and allowing you to navigate through its different menus in the most comfortable way. Of course, if you live with children at home, you better be careful. This is how Google TV settings are blocked with PIN More than anything else because the little ones in the house are usually curious. And as they take the control of the television or multimedia player, they can do more than one prank. So, as easy as it is to avoid headaches, we want to explain how you can activate a PIN code on your device with Google TV to prevent anyone from changing the TV settings. We have already told you about some tricks to get the most out of this Google Smart TV operating system. For example, you already know how easy it is to open the Google application store in this OS. And now we want to show you how to protect the settings of your Smart TV or media player so that no one can change them without your consent. It must be recognized that, although it is true that Google TV has some really interesting functions and that make the leap from Android TV the best decision, some tools are more hidden than they should. But by following the steps that we are going to indicate, it will not take you long to put a password in the Google TV Settings, you will prevent someone from doing the job of changing any parameter. Let’s see what you should do. First open the settings of your Smart TV or media player with Google TV. For example, you can press and hold the Home button to access the quick menu and then click on the cogwheel. Within the settings you will see different options. You must search for Accounts and login. Once you have entered this option, look for the option Your account and click on it. Finally, within the different options that will appear, you must select Lock settings. Now, it will ask you to establish a PIN of four digits. Confirm the number and you will already have your Google TV settings locked.

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