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How to prove the originality of a video creator on TikTok

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Taking into account that IMany TikTok creators take inspiration from others when creating their own videoswhether to dance a choreography, represent a joke on video, follow a trend, among other possibilities, the company has just presented the first creator accreditation tool.

With this tool, creators will be able to give credit from their videos to those other creators they came to be inspired by when making their videos. With this it is intended enhance originality of the creators making it easy to be quoted by others in their respective videos.

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In this way, TikTok begins the steps to continue investing efforts in bringing a “culture of credit” to the community, which, as they point out, “is essential to ensure that TikTok continues to be a home for creative expression.”

Betting on the culture of accreditations

For TikTok:

Whether jumping on the latest trend, adding a joke to a joke, or creating the next viral sound, creators can easily and directly quote their inspiration.

Basically, will be a new button that the creators will have available on the publication page of the new video after having created or edited it, being able to select that other video in which they have been inspired, on which they have “liked”, have marked as favorite, have published or have used the same sound.

The accreditation will come in the form of a tag that will appear as a subtitle in the video itself, and the creators who have been mentioned through this new tool will know about it thanks to the fact that they will receive an alert in their message box.

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And if that wasn’t enough, when it comes to finding inspiration, they remember that last October they launched the “Originators” series on the Discover list, and that they recently also launched the monthly social series TikTok Originators, “which highlights the Originators on the platform».

And finally:

Our creator portal also features a “Creator Accreditation” section that highlights the importance of attributing Trendsetters for their work.

More information: TikTok

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