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How to print your Google Tasks to-do lists

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If you write down your pending tasks in Google Tasks, but you are one of those who like to have paper task lists, you can use the new function of the app.

Google’s task management app adds a new option that will make it easier for you to print your task list without having to resort to complicated tricks.


Google Tasks allows you to print your task lists

Google has released a series of updates to its app to manage tasks in recent months. Although we haven’t seen anything revolutionary, it has been enhancing the app with some basic functions that we find in most applications to manage pending tasks.

For example, in one of the latest updates, Google Tasks finally added the option that allows you to highlight tasks. This follows the line that the app has had since its launch, positioning itself as a simple and minimalist proposal to manage pending issues.

And now it adds an option that will be to the liking of those who prefer to follow up on pending tasks (shopping list, daily commitments, etc.) on paper, since a new option is added that will make it easier for you to print the list of created tasks.

Although most users prefer to manage their to-do list from their mobile, modifying or deleting the tasks or pending tasks that are completed, it is worth having the option to print the lists.

An option that you will find both in the Google Taks app, and in the web versions of Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc. So if you prefer to follow your tasks from a paper list or stick it in your Bullet Journal, you can do it without problems.


This update will reach Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers, as well as users with personal Google accounts.

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