How to prevent your Instagram photos from being used on a website

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Instagram has announced that it will incorporate another feature copied from TikTok: a tool called “Embedded Profile.” This feature will allow users to embed a miniature version of your profile on an external web page Instagram.

Instagram now allows users to disable the option to embed their posts on external websites

In this way, platform users will be able to include a sample of their Instagram account in blogs or portfolios, or on any other website that they wish to do so. At the moment, this feature is only available to users of the social network in the United States.

Before being able to embed a profile thumbnail, Instagram allowed embedding photos or videos on external web pages. The company, at the request of photographers associations in the United States, has decided to incorporate a tool for users to veto the embeds of their profile. The photographers complained that, using this embedding, there were third parties who used their work without their permission.

If you are also tired of having your photographs used, or you just want to protect your profile to prevent it from being embedded On other web pages, here we explain how you can deactivate this option. This process can be done both from the mobile phone and from the desktop version of Instagram.

-Adjustments: Click on the photo of your avatar profile, in the upper right corner of the screen. When you do this, you will see that a tab is displayed with several options. Click on the one that says “Settings.”

-Drinks: Inside the “Settings” folder, Instagram allows you to configure a long series of options. Click on the section where it says “Account” and, once inside, Instagram will lead you to a new menu. Among all the options that it shows you, enter the one that says “Embedded”.

-Deactivate the permission: Once inside the “Embeds” folder, you will see that Instagram offers you the possibility of deactivating an option that says “Authorize people to embed your publications on other websites”. Simply turn the tab to deny authorization, and no one will be able to embed your images on their web page.