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How to prevent Spotify from eating the mobile data of your contract on iPhones

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How to prevent Spotify from eating the mobile data of your contract on iPhones

It is possible that you have contracted an Internet access with the mobile that does not have unlimited data. This can be a problem if you use applications that consume them intensively. One of them can be Spotify, which allows you to enjoy streaming music. We show you how to prevent it from being consumed on iPhones when you think it is not necessary.

One of the things you will think is that, if you do this, how are you going to be able to enjoy the music that exists on the platform. Well, in the Premium version of Spotify there is the option to to download the content you want to listen to without an Internet connection. This is very useful whether you are traveling by plane or, in the case, you want not to consume a single megabyte more than the rate you have contracted to access the Internet with the Apple iPhone you have. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to know how to set the cloud to be accessible only via WiFi.

Steps for Spotify not to use data on iPhone

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To be sure that the application we are talking about does not access mobile data, it is best to set the corresponding configuration in the development itself. Obviously, if you disable Internet access in this way in the iPhone, you get the same result… but yes, no other app will be able to do this, so you won’t receive the WhatsApp messages or the emails they send you. Follow these instructions to get the desired effect in Spotify:

  • Use the settings icon at the top right of the Spotify app on your phone once you’ve signed in to development.
  • The next thing you have to do is scroll down the list of options that you see on the iPhone screen, until you locate a section called Sound Quality. Click here to enter the possibilities that exist in this section of the app.
  • You will see that the last section is a slider that tells Spotify to use mobile data to access streaming music. You have to disable it to set the desired settings. To do this, simply click on the mentioned item.
  • This done, you are done.
iPhone with the Spotify app

We must remember that you can access podcasts and music in different ways, both using networks Wifi such as using the ones you have downloaded if you have a Premium account. Therefore, the application does not lose its functionality if you establish in the iPhone settings -more specifically Spotify- the option so that it does not spend data from your rate if you are aware that you have few gigabytes or megabytes left.


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