How to prevent quick access gestures in the Samsung Wallet app

How to prevent quick access gestures in the Samsung Wallet app

The tool Samsung Wallet It is most useful with it on the phone you can carry a large number of associated cards that will prevent you from having to take out your wallet to pay. In addition, by using the NFC chip of the smartphone, the ease of use is excellent, since you simply have to bring the mobile closer to the payment terminal and… Voila! But not everything is positive, since for some the quick launch gesture ends up becoming a annoyance. We tell you how to disable it.

Luckily, Samsung has thought of just this and there is a fairly simple way to prevent it from working in all the places where it is available – ranging from the lock screen to the home screen of the Korean company’s terminal that you have. So if you don’t like the quick launch gesture, you can configure exactly how you need the application Wallet that comes pre-installed in practically all of the Korean company’s phones.

This is how you will make the quick start not work in Samsung Wallet

What we are going to tell you is how to disable this function in each and every one of the places where it can be used. This will not make the app unavailable and functional, so you can continue making mobile payments with it in the same way as usual. Therefore, there is no type of danger, and you can always go back in the application settings if you think it is convenient. These are the steps you must take:

  • Open the Samsung Wallet app
  • Next, you must go to the Menu tab on the main screen (in the lower right area).
  • The next step is to use the Settings option, which you access by clicking on the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner. Then click on Quick Access.
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Using the Samsung Wallet service

  • Look for Access Locations and Default Card and you’ll see different sliders for where quick access can be executed. Deactivate those that you do not think are useful (obviously, they can be all).
  • Done this, you are done.

Simple and without problems, this is the process that you have seen before. So everything is pretty well thought out and structured by Samsung. An important detail: the Wallet application, unlike others that the firm’s smartphones have, it is possible to uninstall it. If you do, don’t be afraid because you will be able to download it for use to use it from the Play Store.