How to prevent Alexa from ruining the Christmas gift surprise

Brian Adam

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One practical function of the digital assistant Alexa, among the many that it is capable of assuming, is that it allows knowing the content of a package sent by Amazon and whose arrival is awaited, but this feature can become a defect if the content of the package is a christmas gift and must be kept secret until Christmas Day or Three Kings Day.

Alexa can report the content of packages sent by Amazon

To avoid that the surprise stops being so, the following instructions must be followed:

-To open the Alexa app


-Press on the “More” button in the lower right corner

-To select Settings-Notifications-Amazon Purchases

-Deactivate the option “Show or announce the names of products” in the section that allows to discriminate those that are marked as gifts or those that could be considered Christmas gifts.

From that point on, Echo speakers will still send notifications regarding shipments and their status, but those that were marked as gifts at purchase (or that Alexa believes may be) will not include the description corresponding to the content.

In this way, the information regarding the shipment of the order will still be known but without a potentially unwelcome description of its content That can end the surprise in the case of gifts, something especially to take into account at Christmas when there are little ones at home.

Obviously, a large part of the optimal functioning of this function depends on the fact that when placing the order it is marked as a gift, although from Amazon they affirm that Alexa is capable of discrimination party to mark as gifts those purchases that could potentially be.