How to play YouTube videos in the background

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play Youtube videos on the mobile while you perform other tasks on the device or without being able to turn off the screen is usually one of the reasons that drive many users to look for alternatives to YouTube.

To play YouTube videos in the background or with the screen off, you only need to have Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed on your device.

In YouTube Music, YouTube’s music playback service, you have to subscribe to the Premium version to be able to play in the background, but in the YouTube video player this is not possible even by subscribing to YouTube Premium.

Despite the above, there is a method to listen to YouTube videos while using another app or with the screen off without having to pay a subscription. This is possible by applying certain tricks from browsers like Chrome or Safari, everything will depend on whether you use Android or iOS. Below you will find details on how to do it.

Play YouTube videos in the background from Android

– Open your Chrome or Firefox browser and enter the main YouTube website.

– Find the video you want to play.

– Touch the three-dot browser menu, which appears in the upper right corner.

– Now select the option to view from the desktop version.

– Press the button to play the video and turn off the screen or minimize the tab where you are playing the video. You will see that the playback will not stop as it happens when you use the app.

On the other hand, if the video you want to play was found in the app, you will need to try the following:

– Hit the “Share” option below the video and then choose “Copy Link”.

– Enter the browser and paste the URL of the video.

– You can now apply what you learned in the previous step and enjoy the content without having to have the screen on.

Play YouTube videos in the background on iOS

– Open the Safari browser from your Apple device.

– Go to the official YouTube website and search for a video.

– You can also directly paste the YouTube video link into the browser.

– Right away Safari will try to redirect you to the application, but you just have to press the “aA” button at the bottom of your screen and ask it to open the link in the desktop version.

– It is possible that when minimizing Safari the video stops. You just have to enter the control center of your iPhone to access the playback options.

– Adjust the volume, press the play button and that’s it, you can continue listening to the video in the background or with the screen off.

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