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How to pixelate parts of an image to share with WhatsApp for Android

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WhatsApp has finally finished make the image pixelation tool available to Android device userswhich allows you to pixelate the sizeable and sensitive parts of an image before sharing them in any chat conversation.

And we say finally since this tool was already present for users of the WhatsApp application for iOS devicestaking time to hide parts of an image through pixelation.

To keep sensitive parts of an image fuzzy

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And it is that there are many occasions for which it is interesting to hide a part of the image to be shared, either because photos of minors appear, sensitive data such as those available in an official document, uncomfortable situations of people who appear in them, etc. .

It is being said that this tool is appearing in the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android, but in my case, with the latest stable version, the pixelation tool is also present, so it is likely that the arrival may be done at the server level, and not only for those who use the beta version.

To access the new tool it is only necessary to be inside a chat conversation, press the option to share an image, and once selected, pressing the pencil icon available in the upper right part, we will access a series of painting tools in the lower part, where we will have the pixelation tool in the lower right.

Unlike the rest of the painting tools, where you can apply a solid color to the parts where you swipe your finger on an image, what the pixelate tool does is to pixelate the parts that you swipe inside the image. that image.

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In this sense, the possibility of establishing an image area to apply pixelation to it is missing, but as they say, less is nothing.

It is only a matter of users getting used to covering in one way or another the faces of minors, the data that they do not want to spread, among other aspects that allow the privacy and security of sensitive information that the images themselves may contain to prevail. .

This is also added to the possibility of hiding when we are online, among other measures that have been arriving in recent months.

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