How to Pin Direct Messages on Twitter

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The Twitter team announced a new update for direct messages. No new features are added to its dynamics, but a new option is added so you don’t lose sight of the most important DMs.

It’s a feature that was available only to Twitter Blue subscribers, but is now extended to all users.

You can now pin direct messages on Twitter

As mentioned by the team Twitter, now all users will be able to pin up to 6 direct messages to the top of their inbox. And no, you no longer need to have a Twitter Blue subscription to have this feature.

An option that works both in its web version and in the apps for iOS and Android. And the dynamic it proposes is very simple. In the web version of Twitter you will see that it is as simple as opening the menu of the three dots, from the message you want to pin, and choosing the option » Pin conversation ».

You will see that once you perform that action, a new section will be created at the top of the inbox, called «Pinned conversations». And if you’re on iOS, it’s as simple as swiping over the conversation to bring up the pin icon to pin the conversation. And of course, you can reverse the action at any time.

It’s a handy way to always have direct messages that are important or that you want to follow up on at your fingertips, without having to constantly search your inbox for them. The 6 conversation limit may not be enough for some users, but it’s a good start to organizing your DM’s inbox.

If you still can’t find this option in your Twitter account, don’t despair, as it seems that it is gradually being extended to all users.