How to optimize your computer’s cooling system in Windows 11

Not all the tools that exist in Windows 11 are known, and some of them are very positive because of the implications they have on the operation of the computer. One of them is the System Cooling Policy, which may be exactly what you need to keep your computer running smoothly in the balance between power consumption and temperature control. What is achieved by activating this option is that the Microsoft operating system achieves the optimal thermal situation in the most appropriate way possible for each computer, which can mean that the useful life of such important components is increased, such as the processor (since, in this case, the speed at which the included fan works is managed). If you have the passive option, the performance is lowered so that the heat is not excessive, while if it is the contrary, the revolutions are increased so that everything goes well -and this is the appropriate option for those who seek maximum performance at the time to use the PC. This is how you manage the System Cooling Policy in Windows 11 We tell you what you have to do to access the control section of this function, which is located within the Power Options. Obviously, you must be clear that you are not putting the good health of the computer or the operating system at risk, so you only adjust that the equipment works in one way or another. Do the following without skipping any of the prompts: Access the Control Panel by typing its name in the start menu. In the window that appears, click on the Hardware option and then on Power Options. You will see new options where you have to select change plan settings and then change advanced power settings. You will see a window in which you must look for the Processor power management section (or System cooling policy, this depends to a large extent on the processor you have installed) and there is to establish the options that you think are appropriate -it is important that do not exceed limits in the work of the component-. Once this is done, you are finished and you do not need to restart the computer. Obviously, if you detect that the operation of the computer with Windows 11 is not what suits you, you can change what you have indicated and, therefore, return to the previous situation without problems. >