How to optimize content for the LinkedIn algorithm

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Like any social platform or search engine, LinkedIn has its own algorithm that helps connect people with others, find jobs that fit the user’s profile, interesting content based on their interests and also show information that is relevant in their searches within the platform.

This algorithm also allows other users within LinkedIn to find our profiles, either through searches or recommendations.

To do this, the LinkedIn algorithm will perform certain tasks. The first one is to give more visibility to relevant content over the newest, since the objective is for users to find content that is interesting to them and that helps them in their day-to-day life.

The second task would be encourage user participation. By displaying content relevant to their interests or to develop in their workplace, the LinkedIn algorithm makes it easier for the user to interact with the content. This is one of the reasons why the reach and engagement of LinkedIn content is greater than that of other social networks.

How to optimize content for the LinkedIn algorithm

As with Google, there are certain factors that can improve the visibility and reach of our content on the platform. Here are some tips to improve the performance of all content:

-Contacts: LinkedIn takes different “degrees” of connection into consideration when determining which ones are most relevant to your interests. In short, LinkedIn takes into account who you really know, so posts show a lot to first- and second-degree contacts, and less to third-degree and beyond.

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-Common interactions: At the same time, the algorithm takes into account with whom one usually interacts (giving “likes”, leaving comments or sharing publications), so it is important to have some interaction with the contacts, so that when content is published this is shown more users.

-Be social: One way to improve the reach of the publications is, precisely, to interact with the content of other users. As in any social platform, on LinkedIn interaction is rewarded, so it is important to comment, like and share other people’s content.

-Importance of content: The LinkedIn algorithm also measures how important content can be to user interests before displaying it. To do this, it extracts information from the title, text, hashtags, images and also from the profiles of those who have interacted with it. In this sense, it is important to use the correct keywords, as well as to analyze which are the most used hashtags.

-Optimize the profile: LinkedIn offers the possibility of creating a very complete profile, not only with data about us, but with a description and an extract, as well as the possibility of creating a professional profile with work and academic data. To improve visibility, this profile should be completed as much as possible, using the words by which we want to appear when someone performs a search on the net.