How to measure your blood oxygen levels from an Apple Watch

If there is something for which the Apple Watch stands out, it is undoubtedly for its advanced section of health and physical condition control. Within this context, one of the most interesting tools included in this smartwatch It is the one that allows measuring the levels of oxygen in the blood, or SpO2 levelsalthough many other watches from other brands do as well.

In simple terms, these measurements are representing the percentage of oxygen in the blood, information that turns out to be valuable since it can be an indicator of how our health is in general.

As such, the body is always monitoring oxygen levels in the blood. to take them into specific registers. It is thanks to this that there is enough oxygen for all parts of the body.

So, from here we can conclude that this level of oxygen in the blood has been a clear indicator of how well the person is, specifically in the part of oxygen distribution from the lungs to every cell in the body.

As for the data itself, Typically, blood oxygen levels are between 95% and 100%, that is, it should be on top. Now, the problem is when the level falls below 90%, since it can cause dangerous symptoms known as hypoxemia.

Initial setup to measure blood oxygen from your Apple Watch

Initial setup to measure blood oxygen from your Apple Watch

Going now with the process to measure this information, the first thing to keep in mind is that it is only available for Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7, Series 8 and Ultra that have the latest version of watchOS to work correctly. Also, this app is available for some countries and regionsso check here if you can use Blood Oxygen from your Apple Watch.

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as soon as to initial configurationyou must do the following:

– With the iPhone paired to the Apple Watch, enter the application of Health and follow the steps to set it up. If you do not receive any notification, click on Review.
– Go into Respiratory.
– Access the tab blood oxygen and go down to click on the button Enable.

It is important that you know that the measurements are performed periodically when you are not moving throughout the dayThis is if the Blood Oxygen app is activated to be able to work in the background. In addition, for them to be carried out also during the night, the Apple Watch has to be monitoring sleep.

Blood oxygen measurements cause the watch to emit a red light, which It can become visible in places where there is little lighting. For this reason, you can disable background measurements when you activate Sleep focus or Cinema mode, so that this light is not a nuisance.

For this purpose, open the settings app on your Apple Watch, click on the blood oxygen and deactivates When using Sleep focus or During Cinema mode. On the other hand, if you want the watch takes a measurement at a specific time you need ityou can also do it without any problem, and these are the steps you must follow for it:

To take the levels of oxygen in the blood at the time you need it

To take the levels of oxygen in the blood at the time you need it

– Access the application blood oxygen from your Apple Watch.
– Rest your arm on a table or any static surface and keep your wrist straight.
– With the watch face facing up, tap on Start and wait for the 15 second countdown to complete. Remember to keep your wrist and arm still during this period of time.
– Receive your results and then press on Clever.