How to manually adjust screen brightness in Windows 11

Whether you’re working in a dimly lit environment or trying to save battery life on your laptop, knowing how to adjust screen brightness can come in handy. This tutorial explains how to manually or automatically adjust the screen brightness when using the Windows 11 operating system – including some tips and tricks to make the process easier. Use the Windows 11 Action Center The Windows Action Center is a space that centralizes functions of the Microsoft operating system. One example is that it allows you to manage notifications and also access quick settings -including screen brightness-. We show you the steps you have to take to adjust the brightness of the screen from this place that is located on the desktop: Click on any of the icons in the system tray or use the Win + A keys in combination. Click on any system tray icon in Windows, and then what you need to do is drag the top slider left or right to adjust the screen brightness. Do different tests to establish what is best for you. Once you find the exact point that interests you, you are done. From the computer keyboard Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to change the screen brightness in Windows, since you don’t have to do anything with the mouse to do it. The process for using them to change the screen brightness in Windows 11 is as follows: If you’re using a laptop, look for the key labeled Fn, it’s usually located near the bottom left or right corner (usually next to Alt). Locate the function keys at the top (ranging from F1 to F12) and locate one that has a sun icon on it. Hold down the Fn key, then brighten up or down to adjust the display setting accordingly so everything is set up exactly how you need it. If you’re using a connected external keyboard, look for the dedicated brightness control keys on your keyboard and use them to adjust the screen brightness (Not all keyboards have them, but some do). It’s as simple as that. you have to do to achieve the goal we talked about in Windows 11. >