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How to make your home comfortable for your cat

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If you decide to get a cat, you obviously intend to make your home as comfortable and safe as possible for her. Where to start?

Indoor safety

Cats, especially kittens, are naturally inquisitive and love to explore their surroundings by touching, sniffing and even tasting them. When a cat gets into your house, she will be interested in absolutely everything, but unlike people, she cannot determine what is safe for her and what is not. If you don’t know how to make your home safe and cozy for your cat, follow our recommendations.

How to keep your pet safe outdoors?

Your cat or kitten has a natural instinct to spend time outdoors, marking its territory, climbing trees and basking in the sun. Nice picture. But there are things you should pay attention to when your cat is outdoors. On the street, there is a risk of infection with a large number of diseases or parasites, and cats are also at risk of getting lost, being stolen or being hit by a car. In order for your cat to be able to roam outdoors, you need to secure your garden or yard.

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For some cats, living indoors is enough. However, you still have to secure your home and make the environment more interesting to make up for the lack of outdoor entertainment. If your cat prefers to walk outside, you should even more carefully consider the issues of her safety. If you do decide to let your cat outside, check with your breeder or veterinarian to make sure you make the area as safe as possible.

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