How to make your Android phone notify you if the doorbell, an alarm or any of these sounds rings

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how to make your android phone notify you if the.webp.webp.webp

Find out about the notifications that arrive on our Android mobile It is simple, whether we have it with volume or if we use the do not disturb mode, since smartwatches and smart bracelets are also capable of alerting us. Ultimately, we have the notification history where we can check all the ones that have come in.

However, it is not so easy to find out about alerts that do not come from a mobile phone, such as an alarm clock or the doorbell of our home. Being close to the sound source is essential, but… What if we told you that your mobile can recognize them and notify you when necessary? Android has a feature for this, ideal for the most clueless.

Your Android phone notifies you when there is a knock at the door

Google has provided its operating system with multiple tools with which facilitate the user different tasks. We find many of them in the accessibility section, focused on allowing any user, regardless of their condition and abilities, to use their mobile phone.

One of these is the ability to recognize sounds, a feature provided by a Google app: Instant Transcription. This accessibility app was updated a few years ago, allowing us to use ‘Sound Notifications’.

Initially, they are designed – like many other accessibility ones – to alert users with hearing problems and in situations of immediate attention, but the truth is that anyone can take advantage of it. Thus, our Android mobile will listen for us and will notify us when it notices certain sounds.

To start, we will need the aforementioned application that we leave below:

Instant transcription

Instant Transcription and Sound Notifications helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing have conversations and understand the sounds around them with their Android phone or tablet.

How to set up Instant Transcription

Once correctly downloaded and installed on our mobile, we will open it from the home screen or from the application drawer, as desired. We will be welcomed by a simple interface and similar to other apps from the search giant. To reach the function at hand, we will tap on the gear wheel that is present in the lower left corner.

Right after, the options among which we will see ‘Open Sound Notifications’, the featured function that will allow us to receive notifications “when important sounds are detected.”

Sound Notifications 1

Then, he will guide us through a short tutorial in which we will learn to configure it.

Sound Notifications 2

Finally, with a test it will show us how it works, being able to illuminate the camera flash and using vibration to alert us that it has detected a sound. It is worth mentioning the transcript historyconsisting of a list that will house all the notifications for detected noises.

Thus, our Android mobile will always be attentive to surrounding soundsin

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