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How to make money answering questions and writing on Quora

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Quora is one of the best online question and answer services, the evolved heritage of what was once Yahoo Answers, with hundreds of categories with experts ready to eliminate our doubts on the most diverse topics.

If you find a plant and don’t know what it is, if you have an unknown fossil in your hand, or a question about medicine or health in general … there are no limits for Quora.

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The problem is that experts have to be willing to answer people’s questions for free, and that makes the force run out over time and the desire to collaborate is supplanted by day-to-day obligations (the good intentions do not pay bills).

That’s where the new Quora project comes in, with a subscription system as a way to make a profit for creators. Quora commented on their blog that they are sure that it is possible to make knowledge sharing more financially sustainable, and for this they present Quora +.

This is a project in which subscribers will pay a monthly fee of five dollars (or 50 if they pay annually). With this subscription it is possible to access everything published by the creator that they decide, since said creator can decide to put their content behind a pay wall.

How to make money on Quora with subscribers

In this way, to make money with Quora, you have to become a creator and put the content behind a paywall, so that you receive money based on the subscribers who are willing to pay for your content.

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Subscribers will pay Quora, and Quora will distribute it proportionally to registered creators based on the number of subscribers you have.

At all times we will have the possibility of enabling a payment wall. Quora will take care of displaying part of the content for free to attract the attention of users, encouraging them to subscribe to the rest of the content.

Quora thinks about using a responsive system that offers a balance between monetizing content and increasing audience, although these are tests at the moment and there are no details on how it will work.

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On the percentage that Quora will stay, they have not defined yet, we will have to wait for the global launch to get more details.

How to make money on Quora with posts on Spaces

Another way to earn money is by Writing on a paywall in Spaces, premium articles that can only be read by subscription. Quora will keep 5% of the subscription fee, which the creator can choose. This option is more suitable for creators with a certain reputation, who have a large following who are willing to pay for the article they write.

This subscription method launches today in English, in 25 countries. Quora + will take longer, since Quora will first take care of inviting certain authors to test the platform.

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