How to make Facebook Messenger messages disappear

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If you like instant messaging applications, surely you have several installed even if one of them is your favorite and is the one you use the most. For example in my case, signal It is one of the ones that I use the most for its privacy and for its functions that, although at the beginning they were quite scarce, with the new updates it seems that they are getting their batteries. One of the functions that I use the most is schedule messages to disappear after a while. Something that can also be done in WhatsApp Business and also in Facebook Messenger. In this easy tutorial, we teach you how to configure Facebook so that messages disappear.

We can get Facebook Messenger messages to disappear after a while

One of the best functions that instant messaging applications can have is being able to delete the messages that we have been sending but automatically and in a non-intrusive way. That is to say, that it be done alone without us having to be aware. This function is one of the best for maintaining privacy in conversations and the Signal application knows that very well. That if you have not tried it, I recommend that you do because it is worth it.

This function is not exclusive to this application, because for example, WhatsApp in its Business version also does it, and Facebook Messenger, too. now we will see how to activate the function in this application of Meta.

Follow these steps In order to achieve the objective of this post:

  1. We open the Messenger application and we go to the conversation in which we want to increase privacy with the function of deleting messages after a while.
  2. In the messaging thread, We look for the profile of people at the top of the screen and click on it.
  3. There we will see that a series of functions are displayed and we will have to choose, as you may have thought, the one that says “Disappearing Messages”. Selected the time in which we want the message to expire and therefore disappear from the conversation with that person.

It is clear that if the other person takes screenshots of the conversation, it will not matter if they are deleted, but it must be taken into account that this function is not really designed so that our interlocutor cannot access these conversations in the future, if not more good so that a third party cannot read them. So it is interesting to activate it.


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