How to make best Shorts on YouTube

YouTube Shorts is the place where the content creators They make short videos showing off their activities or showing off some unique talents.

  1. the first three seconds
  2. Observe what is trending
  3. Do what you are passionate about

During the first year of the launch of Shorts creators and creators from all over the world have made products in different ways. Make content anywhere social network It’s often a challenge if you don’t know where to start, but thanks to that creativity, creators are now writers, producers and distributors of content, thus transforming the online video industry with his creativity.

Currently, there are several tools that help create videos, in this case for making Shorts, which is very similar to what is currently done on the platform TikTokin which people seek to succeed with the content created.


For that reason, Youtube gave some advice and ideas that some creators share Latin America so that users are motivated and can start making different products within the platform.

YouTube Shorts celebrated one year since its arrival in Argentina and several Latin American countries.

the first three seconds

Roberto, owner of the channel Magic Dovecotes shares magic tricks and mind games, one of his main tips is the law of three seconds, in which it is important to captivate the user during that time so that they stay watching the content.

The creator Mexican he uses both long video content and short video content to surprise his subscribers and often also tell them the secrets behind his tricks.

“The most important thing to attract attention in shorts is the first three seconds. Start with a visual element, make it clear what the video is going to be about or start with something impressive so that people get motivated and stay watching the whole video”, she highlighted.

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YouTube Shorts, a way to earn money as a creator

YouTube Shorts, a way to earn money as a creator

Observe what is trending

In addition, Jocelyn Dorisexpert in make-up and lover of stories terrorindicated that it is important to observe what is currently trending, in order to be present in the first places on the platform.

“I observed what is trending and I look for a way to give it my essence and my style so that it is something different and that people like it a lot. It is to show my personality, to be completely authentic, to enjoy every time I record the videos and that your audience will observe and obviously they will want more from you”, she highlighted.

Jocelyn has used the short format to combine horror and makeup and teach her subscribers different and creative looks while telling suspenseful stories.

Green screen on YouTube Shorts. (photo: YouTube)

Green screen on YouTube Shorts.

Do what you are passionate about

Finally, rebbe or who shares his passion by cooking through his videos, teaching his subscribers to make easy recipes, desserts delicious, indicates that it is important to do what you are passionate about as a person, so that it is much easier to make content on the platform.

“My advice would be to start with what you are passionate about, with what you can be, I talked and talked all day without getting tired. These topics will come naturally to you and you will be able to speak fluently and your ideas will never run out”, highlighted the content creator.

“My advice to be able to attract the attention of the audience is to talk, it is as if you were talking with a friend so that you can connect with your audience, also use bright colors, use your hands a lot, raise and lower your voice and I think that As long as it shows that you like what you are talking about, you have already achieved it, “he added.