How to make a PDF document smaller without losing quality

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PDF files have now become a standard for sending documents, either by email or through a messaging application. Its universalization has been very positive, since with it it has been possible for everyone to use it because there are even apps that integrate display options (an example is Drive and OneDrive). If you have many stored and need to reduce their size, we show you a way to achieve it without losing quality. The option that is usually recommended is to use the Adobe Acrobat tool. This is of excellent quality, but it has a drawback that may be insurmountable for many: it is paid, so for more than one it will not be the most viable option. If this is your case, we are going to show you a website where you can reduce the size of PDFs with great reliability and without having to pay anything for it. Reduce the size of your PDF files for free The website in question is called SmallPDF and its operation is as simple as it is adequate, since it allows you to compress the files you have, regardless of whether they contain images or not (besides, their initial size is not a drawback). Of course, the free version that you can use has the number of processes that you can carry out per day restricted to 10, so you will have to work in batches if necessary. The first thing you have to do is access the address where the page in question is. To do this you must use the following link (which is the compression tool’s own). Now, in the red box on the right side of the screen, you have to click on the button that says Choose Files. A file browser opens in which you have to locate the PDF file you want to compress. It can be located on the internal drive or on an external drive that you have connected to your computer or mobile device. You will return to the website once you have made your choice and now all you have to do is press the Compress button. This starts the process which, when finished, shows the option to download the result. You must do this to save the new PDF. It is recommended that you check if everything has gone correctly. If so, you can now delete the original and keep the new one. And then you can re-compress a new document. You’re done and, as you’ve seen, everything is super easy. The effectiveness of the compression depends on the content, because it is not the same to work with a PDF that has only text than if it includes images. But the ratio that is achieved ranges from 50 to 80%, which is not bad at all. Therefore, it is not a bad idea that you have access to the website that we have mentioned at hand, since its usefulness is beyond any doubt. >

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