How to lock your mobile using IMEI

Lock mobile

Our mobile is unique and has PIN code, PUK code, unlock code or serial number… And the IMEI. What is this code on our phone? What is IMEI number and why is it important to know how to consult it? But above all, how can you block the number by IMEI and why should you know that this is possible to improve your security?

IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. That is, it is the identity of your mobile phone. The code that identifies it regardless of its brand, its operating system or regardless of when you bought it. It is the phone that allows us to know which phone is connected, who is connecting and where they are connecting from and it is important that we know how to use it.

IMEI code: What is it and why those numbers?

The IMEI code is the unique and exclusive identifier code of each mobile phone. IMEI in English is International Mobile Equipment Identity and in Spanish it would be similar to International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a fifteen-digit code that identifies us and that the smartphone transmits when connecting to a network. We do not need it to log in or to unlock the phone when we turn it on, nor should we confuse it with the PUK code or the PIN or anything similar, but rather it is another code that we must know or that we must know how to consult, in addition to having it saved in a safe way.

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It’s your phone’s ID card. and it can have up to two if we have two SIM cards. It’s fundamental. What do these fifteen digits mean? Everyone has a reason and it is not a random number that is assigned to us. It depends on the country, the brand of the phone, etc. It is divided into four parts with various numbers. The first six numbers of the IMEI code correspond to the country we are in and are TAC or Type Allocation Code. The next two numbers of the code tell us the manufacturer of the phone in question and are technically considered FAC or Final Assembly Code. The next is the serial number (SNR) and the last numbers of the 15 code are a verification code (or Spare) that completes these fifteen digits necessary to identify us.

Because it is important? You may be reading this without ever having used your IMEI number or without taking it into account, even if you have been using a smartphone for ten or twelve years. For example, in case of theft. We need to provide the IMEI of our phone to the operator in case it has been stolen. This will block the possibility of making calls or using the smartphone that was ours and has been taken from us. In addition, it also serves to unlock a phone in the case of smartphones that are linked to the operator, although this is a practice that is no longer so common due to the purchase (normally) of unlocked mobile phones.

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How to consult

Before blocking the phone with the IMEI we have to know how to consult it. The first option is that we keep the mobile phone box and still have it on hand. Or that you took a photo or wrote down the corresponding number before throwing it in the trash. Next to the barcode The IMEI number will come from each smartphone you buy. You may also see it in the back of your mobile phone. Smartphones with a back cover (it is no longer common to be able to remove it) have a sticker with a barcode under the battery. Other more recent ones usually have a sticker stuck on the back of the phone with a barcode and the IMEI number or numbers if you have a dual SIM card.

Another quick option is to make a call. We will make the number appears on the screen regardless of whether we have an Android or iOS phone. You simply have to go to the phone application on your mobile and dial the code *#06# so that a pop-up window automatically appears with your phone number or numbers. You don’t have to tap the call button or do anything else, just dial this combination from the smartphone keyboard.

How to block

Once we know the IMEI code we simply have to contact the operator to block it. But it depends on where you bought it. Normally we don’t have a cell phone for nine or ten years so I’m sure you remember where…

If the mobile phone is unlocked, which is most common today, simplement you must contact the company you have contracted to block it so that they cannot make calls. If you bought it with an operator, call this operator and ask them to block it.

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In any case, they will always ask you for the IMEI to do so and you must keep in mind that this will not block access to your photos or personal data. In this case it is better to use other methods such as “Find your mobile” from Google that will allow access to be blocked remotely in addition to showing us the location of the smartphone in real time.