How to locate Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones if you don’t know where you left them

How to locate Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones if you don't know where you left them

Some of us are a bit of a mess and, from time to time, we don’t know where we put things. And, now that there are small accessories, this is a much more common problem than is desirable. If you have headphones Samsung Galaxy BudsSurely what we have discussed has happened to you. Well, we show you a way to solve the mess without going crazy.

The Korean company has a platform, which has its own app, called SmartThings. Among other things, it includes the Search function among the available options. This is the lifesaver you need when you don’t know where you left a Samsung accessory that usually connects to your smartphone. To achieve this, the app uses the established synchronization to indicate in a very approximate way the place where what has been lost is. I mean, just what you need.

Using Samsung SmartThings to find an accessory

The compatibility of the service is wide, since it offers support with the most modern accessories of the Korean company, such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro (the complete list can be seen in the Play Store on the application download page). What is used to establish the location is the connectivity Bluetooth, so the maximum effectiveness is if the lost device is working – and not turned off-. By the way, the app in question is compatible with Android 8 or higherso you can use it with equipment that is not from the Asian firm.


These are the steps you have to take to find your Samsung accessory in case you don’t remember where it is (something that, unfortunately, happens more often than not):

  • Open the SmartThings app as usual, you may need to login. Now, if necessary, activate and give access to location services to the development we are talking about.
  • If the option to continue with the process using the Galaxy Wearable application is offered, you accept as the process is easier. Next, go to Find my headphones (or similar, depending on the Android version you have).
  • Tap Devices on the screen you’re on and it’s at the bottom, and you’ll see the list of Samsung accessories that are compatible. Tap on the one you lost and then do the same under Find my device.
  • A map will appear in which you will see the place where the product is, whenever this is possible to do it (for example, if it is turned off, you will not be able to do it).
  • You have finished and, as you can see, everything is very simple.


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