How to listen to your favorite Spotify music on Apple HomePod speakers

How to listen to your favorite Spotify music on Apple HomePod speakers
how to listen to your favorite spotify music on apple

HomePod speakers are models that offer very good quality, and that offer wide options for use. But one of the missing is that it offers support for Spotify. It is true that it is logical because the North American company has Apple Music, but there are not a few who regularly use its great rival. We tell you how to be able to enjoy the contents of the first service without problems.

You won’t be able to use Spotify natively in a similar way that it is possible to do so with options such as Pandora or Deezer, and it doesn’t seem that things are going to change much in the medium and short term. The fact is that there is some way to bypass the limitation we are talking about and, furthermore, it is not nothing complex achieve it and, much less, dangerous. Therefore, if you are one of those who bets on this streaming music platform and you have a HomePod, you will be able to combine them whenever you want.

So you can listen to Spotify on Apple HomePod

To achieve what we say, the ideal is to resort to air play, an option that allows wireless communications to be established in a simple and very effective way. In addition, the Spotify application for iOS includes the necessary support for it, so you won’t have any problem getting it quite intuitively. You have to do the following:

  • Open the Spotify app as usual and, if necessary, enter the credentials you use regularly.
  • Now you have to play a single song or the one that you have in a list that you have created. Next, click on the small speaker in the lower area, right next to the one with the shape of a heart, which allows you to indicate that you like a song.

  • Among the options that appear on the terminal screen, select AirPlay or Bluetooth, and then a list with the available options will appear. This is where you’ll find the HomePod speakers you have in place and available for use.
  • Select the desired one and, then, you are done, since you will be listening to Spotify music on the Apple accessory with a more than acceptable quality.

Obviously, the steps that we have indicated can be used with both the HomePod and the mini version of this accessory. Therefore, there are no restrictions when it comes to getting your favorite music that you have on Spotify to play on the smart speakers that Apple has on the market.