How to listen to Spotify with several people at the same time [Sesión de Grupo]

It is not new, since it has been included in the application for some time, but there will be those who discover the function now Spotify “Group Session”an option that allows you to share musical fun in different situations… or listen to podcasts in common, which can also be added to playlists.

The “Group Session” feature can only be used if all participants are subscribed to the paid version of Spotify Premium

For this it is necessary to have, yes, the paid subscription to Spotify Premium in all the users who are going to participate in the common experience. Once this requirement has been fulfilled, the options that can be accessed are the following:

-Control playback

-Forward or backward playback

-Add songs to play queue

To activate the “Party Session” function, you have to open the Spotify app on one of the devices and start playing a song (or a podcast, or a playlist). Then you have to press the icon that represents a screen and a speaker, after which a menu will allow “Start session – Start group session”.

An invitation to participate in said session can then be sent to those people included in the list of friends, an invitation that can be sent by instant messaging or social networks. When invitees receive the invitation and click on the attached link, they can confirm their participation in the group session.

Since each guest will listen to content initiated by the host on their own device, simply everyone turn down the volume on your device so that it is only heard by the main speakers designated by the creator of the group session, and from that moment each guest can control the playback from their own mobile.

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For this reason, another option that allows «Group session» is to share the listening of the same musical content by different users who are not in the same location. Each one can be at home, in the car on the way to the party or some at home and others on the street or on the beach or in the mountains (as long as they have coverage), that the musical session can be shared at the same time by all of them.

To conclude the group musical experience, it is enough for each guest to click on the option «Exit the session» while in the case of the host or organizer it will be necessary to click on the option «log out«. On the other hand, this will mean that if there are more users participating in the session, they will no longer have access to it and will stop listening to the music and being able to control playback.