How to link your Android mobile with Windows to see notifications, messages, calls and photos on your PC

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how to link your android mobile with windows to see

When you are sitting in front of your computer working and you have your mobile on the table, it is not very comfortable to have to unlock the mobile screen every time a notification arrives to see what it is. Everything is more comfortable if we can use our mobile from the computerand if we have Windows 10 or Windows 11 we can do it from the Microsoft official app.

During these last years microsoft has not stopped improving the integration of our Android devices in their operating systems Windows to create the best marriage between both operating systems, and your application Link to Windows either mobile connection gets it. Next we will see how to link our Android mobile with Windows To see them notifications, messages, calls and photos on our PC.

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How to configure ‘Link to Windows’

Link Android with Windows

To link our Android to Windows we need to install the Link to Windows application on our mobile device and make sure that we have installed or updated the Mobile Connection program that usually comes from the factory on many computers with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Link To Windows 1

During the linking process we have to have both applications open. On our mobile we have to click on ‘Pair phone and computer and click on ‘Continue’ to read the QR code’. To show the QR code on our PC we have to go through the welcome screen, log in with our Microsoft account if it is not automatically detected and then in the ‘Pair devices’ section activate the option ‘The application Connect to Windows’ is ready and click on ‘Sync with QR code’ to see this code on the screen of our PC. We read it with our mobile and after accepting various permissions the mobile will be linked to the PC**.

Link To Windows

At this time we can send and receive text messages on our PC from the ‘Messages’ tab and view and download all photos from gallery of our mobile from the ‘Photos’ tab.

turn on notifications

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The next step will be turn on notifications. To do this from our PC click on the option ‘Open settings on phone’. We will receive a notification on our mobile to configure the application correctly. We have to activate for ‘Link to Windows’ the permission ‘Device and app notifications’ so that notifications can be managed by Windows.

Link To Windows

At this time we can already see and manage the notifications of our Android mobile in Windows. We will can reply directly to SMS and WhatsApp messages and delete the notifications, which will also disappear from the mobile.

Link To Windows

Activate calls

For make and receive calls from PC we have to go to the ‘Calls’ tab and click on ‘Begin’ for Pair the mobile via Bluetooth. A notification on the mobile will allow us to activate the visibility of the device so that it can be found by our PC.

Other features of ‘Link to Windows’

From Windows we can see the level of Wi-Fi, Network and battery of our mobile, in addition to being able to activate the ‘Do not disturb’ mode, activate or deactivate Bluetooth or sounds.

But this is not all, on some Microsoft Duo, Samsung and HONOR devices you can also open Android apps on Windows and use its file drag and drop feature to copy files from mobile to PC.

Link to Windows

Link to Windows

  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
  • Category: Productivity

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