How to let them connect to your WiFi without having to give the password

How to let them connect to your WiFi without having to give the password

When we receive visitors, the most likely thing is that they ask us for the WiFi password. We all do it, it is inevitable, as well as necessary in some homes where mobile coverage is conspicuous by its absence. But, sharing your secure password is sometimes tedious. that’s why we have a couple of methods that make it easier.

Share the WiFi password so that others can connect quickly and without having to dictate the password. Even if you don’t remember her you can share the connection in an instant. It is worth mentioning that this trick requires that your phone be updated to Android 10 or higher versions.

This trick will allow you to share your WiFi connection in a few seconds

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When it comes to sharing the Internet connection at home, we always spend some time saying the password, and in reality, it is a waste of time, especially if we have a long or complex password. With the trick that we are going to tell you, You will only need your mobile and a few seconds.

To do this, unlock your phone and go to its settings. Next, tap on Networks and Internet (from a Pixel mobile with Android 13), then on the Internet. On that screen, you will see the list of nearby WiFi connections, click on yours. By last, We look for the “Share” option, which will generate a QR code.

Everything would come down to that, because afterwards our guests will only have to scan the QR code with the camera of their devices. To perform this trick, we don’t need to install apps nor make any changes to our mobile, it is a standard function in Android.

As we’ve said before, the path to get to that setting can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A clear example of this is Xiaomi. In terminals of the Chinese firm, the way to share WiFi through QR it would look like this:

  • Open the Settings of your Xiaomi mobile.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi.
  • From the list of available connections, tap on your own network.
  • you will see a dropdown with QR codeand you can even share it through Nearby.

As we can see, this option appears in fewer steps than in other Android phones, and it is appreciated because the MIUI settings are endless. With this simple trick, you will have shared your WiFi connection in a matter of seconds. There is no need to tell our guests the full password anymore.

Another solution is to use the router’s forgotten button: WPS to avoid giving out the password

If you do not have a mobile that allows you to share the WiFi connection via QR code, fear not, there is always a solution. Routers have a quick connect button called WPS. These acronyms are the acronym for WiFi Protected Setup. This alternative is valid for phones with Android 8.0 or lower since as of Android 9.0 support for WPS was removed.

To connect the mobile of a relative or friend through WPS we must locate the function in the same setting that we used in the previous method. You will see an option called “WPS connection” or “WPS connection by PIN”the differences are clear: while the WPS connection will ask you to press the button on the router, the WPS connection by PIN will have you enter a numeric code that acts as a substitute for the password.

Keep this feature on will make our Internet access less secureHowever, it is a direct way to share the WiFi without having to give the password, so it can be useful on more than one occasion.

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These tricks provide more security because although we allow them to connect to our wireless network, we are not giving clues about the real password so we will prevent it from being publicly known. From now on, you know how to share your WiFi with a secure method. Do not forget it when they ask you the typical question: what is the WiFi password?

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