How to leave Twitter without losing followers

How to remove the Twitter view counter
How to remove the Twitter view counter
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During the last weeks, and in the midst of the controversial arrival of Elon Musk at the address of Twitter, there have been farewells by users who were advancing the chaos and malfunction that seemed imminent, as well as as a form of protest for venturing changes in aspects related to freedom of expression.

Twitter allows you to temporarily deactivate the account, so it is not necessary to delete it, and in this way the acquired users are preserved

The hashtag #AdiosTwitter has become a trending topic and while some users predicted an imminent end, others directly said goodbye forever. But there is a factor that some especially value when deciding to take the plunge and close the blind: canceling the Twitter account means losing followers. After years of carving out a profile and a careful timeline, sharing quality content and generating a dynamic community with thousands or tens and hundreds of thousands of followers, deleting the account means throwing away all those relationships.

Although this does not necessarily have to be so. And no, it’s not that followers They can be transferred to another account on another social network, but there are ways to notify Twitter followers that the user they are following is now part of another social network. In the case of Mastodon, one of the alternatives that is being adopted the most on Twitter, during the registration process itself there is the option of providing the Twitter account to Mastodon so that followers can be notified of the opening of this new account to that they can migrate too to that new platform.

Another alternative is the temporary suspension of the Twitter account that can be activated by the user himself. It is a process that keeps the account inactive for a period of 30 days, being able to recover at any time. Meanwhile, all tweets, favorites, followers… are kept and will only be permanently deleted if the account is not reactivated within 30 days.

To do this, you must follow these steps:

How to suspend the account on Twitter

-To access to Account Settings.

-Commute to where it says “Deactivate my account”

-Tick the button on “Disable @username”

-Introduce the password

-Confirm with “Deactivate account”

To reactivate it, simply access Twitter again using the email address and password.

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