How to leave the trial version of WhatsApp and return to the stable version without problems

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There are not a few who decide to use the trial version offered by WhatsApp with the aim of having the improvements that the company has planned as soon as possible. But this has the risk of not offering the greatest possible stability and, from time to time, problems with some functions or the most problematic message on the screen that reads ‘This version of WhatsApp has expired’. The best way to avoid this is to return to the stable app and we will tell you how to do it without taking any risk. It is not something very complicated to achieve this, but it is true that some important steps must be taken so that everything goes as well as possible. The fact is that, once you carry out the process that we are going to comment on, you will verify that the aforementioned errors are basically history (and that in the second case there is a complicated solution, since even using the Update button that you see nothing is achieved on the screen). Therefore, we are talking about a very reliable and effective correction. This is how you return to the stable version of WhatsApp We show you the steps you have to take to achieve this, either because you don’t like the stability offered by the trial version offered by the messaging application or, unfortunately, because you don’t You can use it because you have a problem with its validity date. By the way, the actions are the ones that allow you to solve all the problems you may have, so do not hesitate to follow them all: Close the WhatsApp application and, then, change the date of the smartphone by entering the Settings of the terminal and using the Date and time option in the System section. Now, open the messaging app and, first, access Settings to make a backup copy so that you have all the information perfectly saved and not lose anything (conversations and files multimedia). The next thing is that you exit the development and change the date to put the correct one. The time has come to uninstall the WhatsApp test application, once this is done you must access the Play Store application store and look for the app that you have deleted to press the option Exit the beta program. You must now on the new screen, which appears to confirm the action and, then, you can install WhatsApp again, but this time it will be directly the stable option of the development. The backup will be restored, and then you’re done. By the way, if you want to try the trial version of WhatsApp again, don’t have a problem activating it again in the official Google store and proceed with its installation (always making a backup copy before, to avoid loss of information ). >

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