How to know who stops following you on Instagram without installing apps

how to know who stops following you on instagram without.webp.webp.webp
how to know who stops following you on instagram without.webp.webp.webp

Loves me. He doesn’t love me. He follows me. He does not follow me. Instagram allows you know if someone follows you or not manually, but it is a tedious process, especially if you want to check hundreds or thousands of followers. There is a better way and you won’t even need to install anything.

Not only that, but it will also allow us to carry a record of who has unfollowed us since we last checked, with the help of a browser on a PC, but without the need to install any applications and, most importantly, pay any subscription.

Better with a PC and without installing anything

Apps to check who follows and unfollows us on Instagram There are many, although the truth is that they are not highly recommended, as it is a category in which there are many fake applications, full of ads or that ask us to pay. Not only that, but the ones that ask you to log in with Instagram They can put your account at risk.

We have opted instead for use a browser scriptopen source and found on Github, called Instagram Unfollowers. You will therefore need to use it in a web browser on a PC, as the browser developer options you need are only available in the desktop version.

Although it is not a good recommendation to paste code into the developer console like crazy, in this case it is possible review the source code of what we are pasting and has the advantage that you do not have to log in with your account. If you want to know who doesn’t follow you on Instagram and you don’t want to count them manually, this is the most recommended option and the one that best protects your privacy.

Know who does not follow you on Instagram

To know who has stopped following us on Instagram we need to have a record of who does not follow us in two moments and compare them with each other. A way that seems complicated but really is not is with Instagram Unfollowers, which is actually a script running in the browser and obtains the list of people who follow us or not in the account that is open in the browser. There are several similar scripts, but this one is very accomplished and basically behaves like a web application.

The first thing you will need is to open the Instagram Unfollowers website to copy the script itself to the clipboard of your PC. The only thing you have to do is enter here and press the button Copy Code. The code that is copied is that of the text box that is just above and is simply Javascript.


Nothing else you have to do there, so open Instagram in the browser and it is important that you log in with your account, as the analysis will be based on the account that has been opened at that time.

Press F12 in the browser to open the developer options and the tab Console, paste the code you copied earlier to the clipboard and press Enter on the keyboard to run it. If this is your first time doing this, the browser may ask you to confirm what you’re doing or type text into the console before letting you paste anything.


If everything has gone well, the tab that Instagram previously displayed in the browser will have become a kind of web application called Instagram Unfollowers with a single button, Run.

Run the analysis and copy your non-followers

Press the button run and the app will start analyze all the accounts you follow and if they follow you back. The process takes a while, as the application pauses to prevent Instagram from detecting something strange and blocking its execution. You can see the progress in a bar shown at the top in blue.


When it’s done, you’ll be able to filter out all the accounts they follow if they don’t follow you back (Non-Followers), if they’re verified, and if they’re private. As standard, you will see the list of your followers who do not follow you although keep in mind that private accounts are also included, whose follower list is hidden and, therefore, could follow you.

This only shows you who is not following you at the moment, but if you want to see who has unfollowed you in the future, then you will need compare who follows you now and not later. To do this, press Copy List in the top bar, which copies the names of the accounts currently displayed to the clipboard.


Keep this list of non-followers safe anywhere (for example, in a text document), and wait a reasonable amount of time to check who has stopped following you.

Compare two lists with each other

To see who has stopped following you, you can for example wait a month and save a list again of the accounts that no longer follow you, and then compare them with each other to see who else has been added.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it by hand. Instead, use a web app like Diff Checker and paste the old list in the box on the left and the new one in the box on the right. Then press Find Difference to see what has changed.

NofollowThese two accounts have unfollowed me since I last saved the list

The change list will show you the accounts that have stopped following you as added, in green. If you want to check if this is the case, open these accounts on your Instagram, look at their followed and you will be able to verify that your name does not appear.

As we have seen, it is a somewhat long process that requires manual effort by saving lists periodically, but basically it is not too complicated and, best of all, it does not involve installing applications that force you to log in to Instagram or are full of ads all the way up.

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