How to know who read your Telegram messages in a group: the app is updated with this and more news

Telegram Group Confirmations
how to know who read your telegram messages in a

Telegram once again renews its messaging application by introducing juicy new features, all aimed at making the app simpler and more powerful. With version 8.01 it is possible change the chat theme for each contact, Telegram introduces the full screen interactive Emojis, the recording of the live streams and we will know who read our messages in the groups.

The fight for hegemony in chatting applications means that the top positions on the podium are constantly launching news. There is WhatsApp, for example: although the pace of versions is not exaggerated, those of Facebook stepped on the accelerator in recent months. And what to say about Telegram, Durov and his people maintain such a flow of updates that it is almost impossible to know the app completely. With the latest update it is even more difficult.

Telegram small groups now with fewer secrets

Telegram Group Confirmations

Until now we could know when they read the messages of a group conversation without Telegram showing in detail the readings per participant. This changes with version 8.0.1, which is already in circulation: if the group is not too large, it can be known who read each message.

Did you send a message and you don’t know if the person you are interested in from the group has agreed to read it? Well, with the latest version of Telegram it is now possible, just do the following:

  • Update your version of Telegram to the latest version available, 8.0.1. Both from Google Play and from the Telegram servers.
  • Enter a group chat and click on any of your sent messages.
  • Press on the first option, the number of people who read the letter.
  • You will see the group participants who found out what you said in the group.

In this way you will know for sure who read or not what you communicated in the group. Of course, it has a limitation: Telegram will only save the confirmations for a week after sending the message. Once seven days have passed, you will no longer be able to know who agreed to read them.

Apart from the read confirmation in the small groups, Telegram includes other novelties with the update 8.0.1. They are as follows:

  • Chat topics. Telegram now allows you to apply a different theme to each contact. In this way the chats are differentiated so as not to make mistakes in sending sensitive messages. The option is found in the top menu of the three points, in each private chat: the theme is customized with “Change colors”.
  • Full screen interactive emojis. Some of the Emojis now play with new animations that take up the entire screen.
  • Recording of broadcasts and video chats. Administrators have the option to record live broadcasts whenever they want, including video chats. After finishing the recording, the video remains in the saved messages of the administrator. And you can share it with the channel if you want.

The Telegram update is now available, both in APK and from Google Play.



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