How to know who has viewed a TikTok profile

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TikTok has a method that allows its users to find out who has visited your profile without resorting to external solutions.

It is necessary to have the latest update of the TikTok app to know who has visited the user profile

Although there are applications capable of offering information about who has visited a TikTok user’s profile, they usually collect too much data and sometimes even request permission to access the account and therefore all the data stored in it by the user from TikTok. This can cause the account to become a victim of malicious behavior.

To achieve this, the first step is have the latest update of the TikTok appsince this new function is only available there.

To do this, you will have to access, depending on whether the device is iOS or Android, the corresponding Apple App Store or Google Play Store application store and check if there are available updates to the TikTok app to, if necessary, proceed to update it.

When that step is complete, follow these steps:

-To access to the TikTok app.

-Press in the “Profile” tab.

-Check at the top there is a new eye iconwhich is the one corresponding to this new function.

-Press the new eye-shaped icon.

-Tick the “Activate” option.

From this moment the user will be able to check the viewing history of his profile. You can do it directly from this same icon but you will also have this information through the “Activity” section that is shown in the inbox.

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