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How to know what version of an Android app you use

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The apps are updated at a frenetic pace, and to have the latest features the user must be updated. In case you can’t remember which app version you have installed, or if it is compatible with your Android device, here are the steps to do it.

Keep Android apps up to date to get the most out of all their features

Make sure to update all Android apps to their latest version, and you will be able to enjoy the newest features and aspects of any program. But if what you are looking for is to know the version number that is already installed on your device, there are different ways to do it.

Confirm the app version via the “About” screen

The fastest and easiest way to find out the installed version of an app is the About section. This option is usually present in most applications, but there are those that do not include it. In traditional app design, the user will find the About option among the Program Setting options.

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Once the button is pressed, information related to the specific version number and build that the Android phone is running is displayed. The problem appears when the applications do not include this option.

-App version from Google Play Store

The Google Play Store application store can also serve as an alternative to find out the version of your app. The steps to find out an app version are as follows:

-Open the Google Play Store application and press the Menu button in the upper left corner (it is shaped like three lines).

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-Press the My apps & games button.

-Press the list of Installed Applications and look for the app in question.

-Hold down on the name of the application and enter Properties.

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-Look for the About this app option.

-The version number of the app in question should appear at the bottom of the screen, as well as other extra information about its development.

-Check app version from Android System Settings

In the Android operating system it is possible to find useful information for the user from the General Settings. The steps to obtain the version of each app from Settings are:

-Open the Android Settings application.

-Select the Applications and notifications menu.

-Click on the message See the XXXXX apps (where XXXX represents the number of installed apps).

-Select the app you want to consult and press the Advanced button.

-On the new screen, swipe down and the version of the app you are running on your mobile will appear.

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