How to know the location of an IP address from your mobile

how to know the location of an ip address from.webp.webp.webp
how to know the location of an ip address from.webp.webp.webp

The IP address is something like your license plate on the internet so despite being exposed during your time on the Internet (unless you use a VPN, proxy or similar), it is not advisable to leave it visible to strangers. Part of the reason is that it is possible know the approximate location through IP.

Don’t worry, it’s not a real-time location or tracking like in the movies, but something more mundane in which what is usually revealed is the city you live in and your internet provider. This is because the ways to locate an IP address are based on databases that compile approximately who each range of addresses belongs to and where they are from, but which are not entirely precise (fortunately).

With an app


To find out approximately where an IP address is from you can use the free IP2Location application, which uses a “own database” to do geolocation, “without invading the user’s privacy.” From Spain it collects the location of 29 million IPs and has an accuracy of, they say 83.20%.

The app asks you to grant location permission when you open it, but it’s not necessary (nor recommended). Instead, deny the permission, enter the IP address whose location you want to know and press the button. You will then know the city, zip code, internet provider and time zone that correspond to you according to the data in the database.

IP2Location IP Locator

IP2Location app allows users to search IP address for IP location information.

Without installing anything, from the browser


You don’t actually need to install anything to do the previous search, as there are dozens of IP geolocation pages for example

IP Location is just as easy as the previous application, as you only need to enter the IP address and search. The advantage it has is that shows you the results of several databases (eight, right now), which is fine because they don’t always agree.

Whichever method you use, remember that this IP location is always approximate and the results are more reliable when it is a home Internet (fiber, ADSL, etc.) than when it is the IP of a mobile phone that is using data.


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