How to know the IP of your computer in both Windows and Apple macOS

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If you want to have the necessary knowledge to find your IP address in a multitude of devices, we are going to explain how to know this in both Windows and macOS. We are talking about what is called “Internet Protocol” and it works as a unique identifier, distinguishing each device within a network. In various situations, the need to know your IP address may arise. It may be an attempt to resolve connection issues, a necessary step to set up a server, or perform a number of other network-related tasks. Regardless of the specific reason, you will find that this is quite simple. Information that is important The information you acquire here will provide you with a handy tool that can help you with a wide variety of tasks, and throughout this guide, we will explain common cases and actions – providing detailed instructions for each of them. they-. The two IPs you need to know Local IP addresses, also known as private IP addresses, are what identify devices within a local network. Every connected device, such as your computer, phone, or printer, has a unique local IP address. This address is not accessible from the public domain of the Internet. On the other hand, public IP addresses are what identify you on the Internet. These are used by devices outside your local network, such as remote websites or servers, to recognize your connection. It’s like your digital signature in the vast ocean of the web. This is how you discover your IP easily Now, if you are wondering how to find your local IP address, here is a quick guide for Windows and macOS users. It’s all safe and hassle-free, which is what it’s all about. In Windows Open the command prompt (Command Prompt). You can do this by entering “cmd” in the start menu search bar and pressing Enter. Once the command prompt opens, type “ipconfig” and press Enter. Your local IP address will be displayed next to “IPv4 Address”. Typically, it will consist of a sequence of numbers separated by periods (for example, On macOS Open System Preferences.Click “Network”.Select the network you are connected to (Ethernet for wired connections or Wi-Fi for wireless connections).Your local IP address will be displayed next to “IP Address” . As the so-called digital world is used, understanding this information becomes essential for a smooth connected experience. Both local and public IP addresses play their role in the online ecosystem, providing a unique digital identity to each device. >

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