How to know step by step all the activity that your Netflix account has

One of the things that you may be interested in knowing is the use that is given to the Netflix that you have contracted In this way, you can know what each of the family members who have their own profile. If you do not know how to achieve this, you should know that there is an official tool to review this information.

Among the options that it is possible to review in the Netflix web client, which is not in the application itself, is that of viewing the record of the views of each of the profiles that are associated with an account. And, you can even download the data in question to keep the information safe if you consider it necessary. And, luckily, achieving this is something tremendously simple and that, obviously, does not entail any risk compared to the regular use of the streaming video platform.

This is how you will see the activity history of Netflix

The steps that you have to take are the ones that you will see below and, the truth is that it will verify that it will not take you even five minutes to see this information (if you want to download it a little more, but not much, everything must be said) . Without further ado, we leave you the process you have to do to get the information we are talking about:

  • Open the Netflix website in the browser you usually use. Use this link for it.
  • Now identify yourself and, once this is completed, select one of the adult profiles that you have registered (you cannot perform the steps from one for children).
  • In the upper right part you will see the icon that represents the profile and, when pressed, a drop-down menu appears where you have to select Account.
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  • You will see a new screen in which you must scroll to the section called Profile and parental control. Here click on the arrow that points down on the profile you want to know the viewing data.
  • Among the options that appear is Viewing activity and, on the right, a link called View. Use it.
  • You will see everything you have seen in the order by date and, in this way, you can know everything that has been viewed.
  • You have finished.

If you wish download history, what you have to do is scroll to the lowest area of ​​the screen. On the right hand side, you will see a link called Download All. Click on it and decide where you want to store the data that comes from Netflix. Now, you just have to wait for the process to finish.