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How to know if your Google account has been hacked

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As we well know, the issue of cybersecurity is something quite serious that can affect each and every one of us. And as with other types of interest accounts, those of Google turn out to be one of the most pirated on the entire internet.

For this reason, if you feel that your Google account may currently be being hacked in some way, today we will be sharing some signs that can indicate if your account has really been hacked.

Your account password has been changed

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It is quite obvious to recognize that if your Google account has suddenly changed its password (and it was not you or someone you know who has access to your account), it has been hacked by hackers.

As is sadly the custom, these could be trying to prevent you from entering in order to steal as much information as possible or, to prevent you from going into this again, for whatever reason.

Someone else is logged into your account

other gmail logins

Imagine that you are calmly browsing on your mobile or computer, and out of nowhere you get an email from Google telling you: We have detected a new sign in to your Google account on device X.

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Although this should not appear to you for anything in the world (unless it is you or someone you trust who has your access data), the good thing is that every time someone logs into an account, Google sends a security alert and also records the device and IP address where the entry was made from.

Your account security settings change

Since hackers know that you will most likely realize what they are doing sooner or later, they will also try to change your account recovery email address, among other technical security factors. Obviously it’s something they do. so that not even with your secondary help email you can recover your account.

You have open emails that you know perfectly well you haven’t read

Another sign that can give away any information thief is to see open emails and that you know very well that you have not opened, which without a doubt will generate an air of mistrust with the current security of your account against any hacker.

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Even more than this, you can also analyze if there are emails sent from you that you have not sent yourself. Although a knowledgeable hacker I wouldn’t be able to expose things like thisit is worth checking to see if you find any strange e-mail sent from your account, which would undoubtedly mean that someone has violated your privacy.

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