How to know if your flight has a plug and WiFi


If we are going on a trip, one of the things we may ask ourselves is: will the plane have a plug? Will we be able to connect to WiFi during the flight? This is usually the case on long trips of seven or eight hours or more, but you may have doubts if you are going to take a trip of a couple of hours and you don’t know what the plane we have is going to be like. Luckily, we can know if a flight has a plug or WiFi before boarding to it and we explain how to do it.

Knowing whether or not you have WiFi is something simple that you can perhaps look at from the airline’s website, but not all of them allow us to do so or it is not always as easy as we think. Fortunately, there is a quick way to find out without having to wait to board your plane.

Consult from Google

The easiest way to know if our flight has WiFi or a plug is to do it from Google. There is specialized pages that allow us to consult the flight number but from the search engine we can have it in a simple way and with many very interesting details that we can see before knowing if we want to choose one company or another, for example.

The steps we must follow are simple and we simply have to search for the flight that interests us in the search engine. Through Google Flights We can search for the flight we want.

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To do this, enter the place of departure and the place of destination and the date on which you want to travel or are going to travel. When you have it, you will see a series of flights available and you will only have to choose the one that corresponds to yours or the one you want to take out. Look at the exact takeoff and landing time and the airline you are traveling with. Once you have it, scroll down by tapping on the arrow on the right side of the screen to see all the details.

Google will show us the price of the flight, the arrival time and the departure time or the duration of the trip in addition to the company, the type of plane… and it will even allow us to book. But it also has an interesting section with other types of details. Interesting details about how we will travel and that we can find on the right side of the screen. You will be able to see:

– He space What’s there for the legs in the seat?

– Yes there are Wifi and if it is free or paid

– Yes there are plug or not

– Whether or not there is a port USB

– If there is the possibility of seeing entertainment or video on demand

– The carbon emissions estimates for that flight

Taking this data into account, you will be able to know if your plane has Wi-Fi or has a plug.

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Other websites

Although searching for it on Google is the fastest and most convenient way, it is not the only one and there are other specialized websites that will allow us to consult these details. SeatGuru is one of the best options and is a TripAdvisor website with details about flights and planes.

We can search for flights and buy them but it also has a section called “seat maps” that allows us to know what the seats are going to be like on the plane you are going to travel on.

You simply have to fill in the airline, flight date and flight number. We click on “Find” to start searching and it will show us all the details it has or does not have. Can see which are the best seats or what their distribution is, where the bathroom is or where there are closets. We can also see the emergency exits, premium seats, etc.

When searching for the flight we will find a section that indicates “amenities” and where we will find different icons that tell us whether or not it will have a plug and whether or not there will be Internet. We can also see other aspects if, for example, we have access to audio or music channels during the trip or there is video on demand content for us to watch.