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How to know if you have really been silenced on Twitter

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Muting someone on Twitter is easy, as we explained to you a few months ago, and in the same way you can mute words, hashtags… but let’s imagine the procedure in reverse: is it possible to know who has muted you?

Muting a person is used to hide their posts without having to block or unfollow them.

It is, although Twitter does not offer a direct way to find out who has muted you, as it respects the privacy of its users. Despite this, there is a feasible solution within the application that you can apply without having to complicate your life. It is an effective trick that will allow you to be aware of what is happening.

How to know if you have been silenced on Twitter?

When you don’t get a response from the person, you’re most likely muted because the contact hasn’t received a notification, so they won’t know what you’re doing in the app. To clear any doubt, do the following.

– Open Tweetdeck and go to “Add column”.

– In the menu that will appear, add a “Start” column.

– Add the contact you suspect has muted you on Twitter. This way, you will see their tweets and retweets.

– Now, tweet to all your followers and monitor the home column you created. The tweet you made should appear there, if not, you are most likely muted.

You can apply this procedure with each person separately to find out if they have muted you. It is a very simple tutorial to run, in just a couple of minutes you will know what is really happening. This is the most feasible method that exists and best of all, it does not require the support of a third-party app.

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