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How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

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If you have sent a WhatsApp message to a contact and you are not getting a response, nor does the gray double-click confirm that it has been delivered -of course, nor does the blue double-click read confirmation- there may be several possibilities: that it has not been delivered, that it has been deactivated, that it has run out of coverage, or that, directly, it has blocked you.

WhatsApp does not have a native function to know if you have been blocked in the instant messaging app

If the suspicion falls on you that you could have been blocked on WhatsApp, unfortunately you should know that there is no function in the instant messaging app that allows you to check it. However, there is a series of evidence that allows us to easily check if someone has blocked us on WhatsApp.

How to check if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

To avoid an unnecessary parade of hypotheses, we are going to give you those keys that you have to take into account to know if you have really been blocked on WhatsApp.

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-The profile photo does not appear. When a user is blocked on WhatsApp, they can no longer see the profile picture of the person who has blocked them. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that some users deliberately hide their profile picture or do not have it at all.

Therefore, this evidence by itself does not confirm that you have been blocked on WhatsApp, but it does give clues, since there is a possibility that the reason why you do not see a contact’s profile photo is because they have blocked you.

-The message is not delivered. Another indication that shows that a user has been able to block you is because the two gray ticks never arrive; that is, the message is not delivered. It could be that you are without coverage, but… permanently?

-Impossible to add to a group. This is an infallible test. To find out if a contact has blocked you, all you have to do is create a WhatsApp group and try to add the contact in question. If WhatsApp reports that it cannot perform that action, it is likely that you have been blocked by that contact.

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– Impossibility to call. If you can’t call one of your contacts, this is another indication of blocking. When a user blocks a contact, the contact cannot make calls to them.

-It does not appear online even though it is online. If, for example, a user sees that one of his contacts is talking through a common group, but, at the same time, no information about his connection appears in the individual chat, it may be because the user has been blocked.

Send a message to a contact who has blocked you

Not always that the user’s connection appears is a sign of blocking, since the connection information can be deactivated and hidden when it is online, but the connection information when it is online at that moment does always appear. If you don’t see it… you’ve been blocked.

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WhatsApp does not provide secure confirmation on whether or not a contact has blocked us. But if all the cases described above occur, it is most likely that you are facing a deliberate blocking. Even so, there is the possibility of sending a message to a contact who has blocked you. You may want to ask if it was a mistake or – although we advise against it – ask for an explanation.

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