How to install Gmail on the Apple Watch

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1663346045 885 apple watch.jpg

The Apple Watch It is one of the best smart watches on the market because it has useful and useful functions from the factory and, in addition, excellent apps of all kinds can be installed.

There is no official Gmail app for the Apple Watch, but you can get notifications for incoming mail.

In it you can use the main messaging networks and platforms, for example, you can use WhatsApp from your Apple Watch, which is simply great. Oddly enough, though, there is no official Gmail support for the Apple Watch yet, and Google hasn’t offered anything to fix this issue.


In any case, if you have Gmail on your iPhone, you will be aware of all the e-mails you receive from the watch, at least in the form of notifications. This is what you have to do:

This is how you can get Gmail on the Apple Watch

– Being on your iPhone, go to “Settings” – “Notifications” and turn on Gmail alerts.

– Now open the Gmail app for iOS and go to “Settings”. There you will need to enable email notifications.

– When the notifications are turned on, go to the “Watch” app on the iPhone and tap on “Notifications”. Gmail will appear in the list of options, just press the switch to activate it.

With this procedure, Gmail notifications will reach your Apple Watch. If you don’t want alert sounds to bother you, you can turn them off under Do Not Disturb.


How to reply to an email from the Apple smartwatch?

Since there is no Gmail app for the watch, you won’t be able to reply to emails directly from the Apple Watch. The only solution for this issue is to set up Gmail in the iOS Mail app using IMAP. Just by enabling notifications for the “Mail” app you will see and reply to emails through it.

Thanks to IMAP, your Google mail information will sync correctly across all your devices, such as your computer, your iPhone, and Apple Watch.