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How to install apps on all the Fire TV Sticks you have at once

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One of the things that is tedious is to install the same application on different devices so that they are all exactly how you want to use them. There is a way that this is not exactly a problem with the Amazon Fire TV Stickand we will tell you how to achieve it in a simple and effective way.

Installing apps in the players we are talking about is quite simple, since among the available options is the official store that is included (you can also use APK if you wish, which is the application installer). But sure, if you want to have Netflix on your device you don’t want to go one by one. Well, using a browser and the Amazon account in which the Fire TV Sticks are associated, you will achieve it in one fell swoop.

This is how an app is installed on all the Fire TV Sticks you have

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As we have indicated before, the ideal is to use the Amazon store from the browser, which allows you to manage the facilities in a simple and effective way. In addition, this ensures that the applications you select are compatible with the player you have and, therefore, you avoid operating problems. What you have to do is the following:

  • Open this website and access with the account in which the Fire TV Stick is associated. It may be that you see everything in white, do not be scared, since it is normal.
  • Now, in the upper headband, click on Applications for Fire TV, and all the ones that you can use with the players appear. This is already positive, because you prevent something from not working once you use the accessory on the TV.
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  • Find the app you want to be on all players and tap on it. You enter the page where you can download it. In the upper right area there is a yellow button called Get application, it is the one you will use to proceed with the installation (which is done remotely without you having to do anything in the player. Right above there is a selector that you can drop down to choose each one of the Fire TV Sticks you have.
  • Make the acquisition for each of them, which will take you just ten seconds in each case.
  • Once this is done, you have finished and, with total security, when you use the player in question, you will be able to see the app available for you to enjoy. It’s all that simple.

Obviously, you can do this for any of the players that Amazon has in Spain, such as the Cube, whose new, more powerful model has just been announced. The fact is that from the Amazon store it is possible to make many actions by batch that makes it easier to use the devices of the online store. And this is very positive.

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