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How to install APK files on Windows 11

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One of the main novelties of Windows 11 It is that it has become a friendlier operating system with other platforms, for this reason it is possible to install Android applications without any problem. In addition to this, it also supports the installation of Android APK files, which considerably increases the range of options.

With an APK file you can install any Android app regardless of whether it is inside or outside the Google Play Store.

Now, Windows 11 does not natively enable the installation of APK files. To achieve this, you must comply with a very simple and safe procedure that does not represent a risk to the computer. Everything you need is inside the Microsoft store.

Installing APK files in Windows 11

– The first thing you have to do is download the WSATools tool, which is available in the Microsoft Store.

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– You will have at your disposal two ways to install the APK files. The first method is to go into WSATools and click on “Select an APK” to browse your computer storage for it. The second way is nothing more than double-clicking on the APK so that it is automatically installed with the program.

– When the APK has been installed, a pop-up window will appear where you will see the app name, icon, version, package name and file size. If the information is correct, click on “Install”.

– WSATools will then do the installation via the Windows Android Subsystem, this may take some time. Here everything will depend on the speed of the PC and the size of the APK.

– It must be clarified that WSATools can be somewhat unstable, that is, the installation could freeze or present a fault. If this happens to you, just close the program and start the process again until it is complete.

– Once the installation is finished, click on “Open App” to access the new application that you have on your computer. Android apps will be available in the Windows 11 start menu, they are always at hand.

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