How to install Android 15 right now if you have a Google Pixel

how to install android 15 right now if you have.webp.webp.webp
how to install android 15 right now if you have.webp.webp.webp

The season has been opened, as every year Google kicks off a new Android with the launch of the first version for developers. With a few days on the market, Android 15 It’s not that it has brought about too many palpable changes., although it does open the door to what is yet to be seen. And you can install it if you have a Google Pixel 6 or higher.

One of the great advantages of the Google Pixel is that they have the door open to new versions of Android as Google releases them publicly, even those that are still in testing. What’s more, the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro They have seven years of those updates; a movement that is a huge advantage for the owners of these phones. Because what’s the point of having access to the latest software? Even if it often involves some risk.

Installing Android 15 will erase your Google Pixel

The first developer preview of Android 15 is in circulation and open so that anyone who has a compatible Google Pixel (from the Pixel 6) is encouraged to try it. Always at your own risk: from our own experience, Android 15 is not yet mature enough to be used on a personal mobile. It has given us more than one failure, such as not having the package installer available (lucky with installing APKs through ADB).

Installing the developer preview does not involve fighting with fastboot or manual flashing through the command line: Google has a really useful web tool for the task. That will be exactly the one we use: Android Flash Tool. With a very important prior notice:

To install Android 15 you need to unlock the bootloader, a step that will completely erase your Google Pixel. Make sure you have everything saved

Check that you have a backup copy of the phone, that all the images and videos are in Google Photos, make sure that WhatsApp made its respective backup and other key checks. If you want to take the risks of loading a unstable version of android on your phone, follow the steps below. You need a computer to carry out the process.

  • Access the settings of your Google Pixel and go down to “Phone information”.
  • Scroll down to “Build number” and press repeatedly until you activate developer settings. You will have to enter your Pixel’s PIN to unlock it.
  • Exit the mobile settings and enter “System”.
  • Access the new “Developer Options”.
  • Check “OEM Unlock” to unlock the bootloader.
  • Check “USB Debugging” to allow flashing commands.
  • Load the web page Android Flash Toolconnect your Google Pixel to the computer, click on “Allow ADB access” on the big screen and allow ADB access on the mobile screen.
  • Click on “Select Device” and choose your connected Pixel by clicking on “Add device”.
Android 15 Preview 1
  • From the list of firmwares select DP1, under “Android 15 preview fights”.
  • Now the flashing process will begin. You will see that you will have to perform different actions on the Google Pixel when Android Flash Tool tells you to.
Android 15 PreviewConfirmation of Android 15 installation

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  • You must first unlock the bootloader (remember, the entire phone is erased), then you will have to choose to flash Android 15 on the phone and lock the bootloader again.
  • The processes are done by moving the menu with the volume buttons and accepting with the power button, all on the phone.
Android 15 PreviewAndroid 15 installed

When you’re done, and the Android Flash Tool says everything is correct, you’ll have the shiny new Android 15 on your Google Pixel. AND you will have to configure it from scratch: Make sure you load the backup you made before flashing it. You’ll recover almost all your apps and information, including most logins. In some applications and games you will have to authenticate again.

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