How to increase the security of your WhatsApp account if you have an iPhone

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The security of everything that has to do with the iPhone is important, as much as that of the most used applications, such as WhatsApp. Well, we are going to show you an option that exists so that you can fully protect the account you have in the most used messaging app today. To achieve this, there is excellent news: you will not need to install anything additional on the Apple phone you have. This is because there are the necessary tools in the terminal to achieve it and, in addition, WhatsApp offers compatibility with them. It’s simply a matter of knowing how to implement the use of these in the application. And, this, is exactly what we are going to show you how to do. Steps to protect your WhatsApp account on the iPhone Well, you will see that it will not take long to achieve this. And, for this, you simply have to use the options that are included in the smartphone both in hardware and in software. In the first case we are talking about both facial recognition and the fingerprint reader, while in the second what it will do is make the most of the iOS options combined with WhatsApp (and, something similar, it is not possible to apply it to models with Android). This is what you have to do to achieve the goal we are talking about in a simple and free way because you use some of the many options offered on Apple iPhone phones: Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone in the usual way On the initial screen You must access the Application Settings and then choose Privacy from the Account section that you will see on the screen at the moment. Now you have to look for the section that shows Touch ID or Face ID, and select the one you want to use as a security gateway .Next, you have to activate the function on the new screen that you see and, in addition, you can set the waiting time that must pass before the wait for the activated security system to be used ends (if this happens, you have to enter in the app again). You are done. A very interesting option to prevent anyone other than you from entering the WhatsApp account if they have access to the iPhone that you use regularly. And, furthermore, since you don’t have to use an additional application, all the better, since everything is completely reliable. >

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