How to improve the quality of videos on YouTube

 The video platform Google made new updates to your plan Premium in which users will now be able to see the contents in a better quality.

According to the American media The Vergesome paying users now have the ability to play content on “1080 Premium”, a new option to have a quality image experience.

It is currently in testing for a small number of users and appears to increase the Bit rate of video streams in a couple of mbps. As explained Youtubemeans to reproduce contents with more information by pixel.

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That is to say, the bit rate is an important factor that intervenes in the quality of the videos, if there is more information, there will be better quality. However, the company has not given details about the rate that is being used in the tests for the improvement of this quality.

On the other hand, bitrate and color depth are also important factors and can even make good 1080p video look better than bad 1080p footage. 4K. Likewise, the entity clarified that, “there are no changes in the existing quality offers for the resolution of 1080p (HD) in Youtube”.

Currently, the platform offers two payment alternatives: Youtube Premium Litewhich costs $7.40 per month and removes ads, and YouTube Premium, which costs $12.69 per month, which removes ads, enables downloading, background playback, and adds YouTube Music Premium .

Radio station with YouTube Music

Google released a new update for users of the video platform with which they can create custom stations based on specific artists and adjust the algorithm on the songs they decide to play on the platform.

YouTube Music added the feature “radiobuilder” which can be accessed by scrolling to the “Your Music Tuner” section of the home page of Youtube music in app iOS either Android.

By creating a custom station you will be able to select up to 30 artists and choose whether you only want to listen to music from them or extract music from similar artists. Also the user will be able to instruct him to play songs with which he is familiar, as well as new songs for the person or a combination of the two.

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You can use the feature that will be available anywhere you can get YouTube Music, whether you’re a subscriber or a free user, according to Google spokesman Paul Pennington. An option that is similar to what you already do Spotify either Apple Musicwhere you can also select the favorite artists and the playlist of songs that you want to listen to within these platforms.

Content creators can dub their videos without having to upload a new one in another language.

Content creators can dub their videos without having to upload a new one in another language.

Videos in multiple languages

The platform will now have a tool to view dubbed videos, as it has been working with MrBeast and other content creators to test this feature that allows adding audio in another language, without the need to create alternate channels for communities in different regions.

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This tool will work in a similar way to the subtitles that the videos have, since the content creators will be in charge of enabling the language and the user will have to make the change through the settings looking for the ‘Audio track’ or ‘Audio track’ option. ‘, in English, the options in which dubbing is enabled will be displayed there and the video will immediately change to the selected one.

“We’ve seen that creators who have tried multi-language dubbing saw more than 15% of their watch time come from views in their secondary languages,” YouTube said.