How to improve organic traffic on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks for professionals, so that companies and professionals from different sectors share thousands of content daily in order to improve their visibility and obtain more traffic to their profiles. Although LinkedIn has an advertising program that allows you to create traffic campaigns with a low budget, there are other ways to increase visibility and that is through organic traffic.

Seven tips to improve visibility on LinkedIn thanks to organic network traffic.

On LinkedIn, as on other social networks, the best way to get organic traffic is through quality content, which shows the rest of professionals and companies that we have extensive knowledge about our sector. For all those who want to increase their organic traffic on LinkedIn, here are some tips:

-Thought leader: On LinkedIn, users seek to find new ideas, share information about their work sectors and there is no one better than an expert to offer this type of content. We must use our knowledge and connections within the network to produce relevant content, that offer value and enriching experiences (through learning) and become thought leaders.

-Connect with the right people: On LinkedIn it is useless to connect with that friend from school who is now dedicated to something that has nothing to do with our work. Those kinds of connections are good for Facebook, but not for this network. It is important to identify and connect with the thought leaders and experts in our industry. Once we have connected, we must be proactive and interact with its content through comments, messages or reactions.

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-Hashtags: As in any social network, on LinkedIn we can use hashtags. These tags make it easier for us to organize and categorize content, so that when a user searches for information on a topic, they will find us. It is important to be clear about the most used hashtags in our sector to use in content, as they will greatly increase our visibility.

-Use the video: Texts that are too long do not work well on LinkedIn, as people often scroll and continue to see the feed until something catches their eye. The videos serve just that, to attract attention. Video is faster to consume (LinkedIn is a network for professionals who usually have little time to waste), and it also offers a better channel to convey a message.

– LinkedIn groups: LinkedIn groups are one of your best tools. The largest groups have millions of members, which means that if we join them and participate we are guaranteed a large audience. If our content is relevant and adds value to the conversation and to the industry, many of these members will start following us, which could open up new career opportunities.

-Publish regularly: Social media needs to be constantly fed with content to maintain visibility and reach, LinkedIn is no exception. This can be a time-consuming process, but with a little planning and a good strategy, it is possible to create a good content marketing plan and publish quality content on an ongoing basis.

-Promote content on other platforms: Quality content will work well on any platform, be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Although the content will be focused on the LinkedIn audience, it is always possible to recycle it and publish it on other social networks to maximize visibility.

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