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How to import Ivoox podcasts into the Apple ‘app’ to take them on your iPhone

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Podcasts have become one of the most popular content in recent times, despite the fact that they have been with us for almost two decades thanks to those first Apple iPods and the smartphone explosion. Now, we have so many alternatives that we are almost forced to use several platforms at once. If it happens to you that you can only find some podcasts on one site, Ivoox, for example, but your favorite player to carry with you every day is the one from Apple, which has been with iOS practically since its inception, we have good news because there is a way to take them with you thanks to URLs that can be imported into traditional RSS programs. Take your podcasts with the iPhone The Apple application is prepared to import this type of podcasts that have a URL that can be carried within the app, so we are going to tell you how to do it quickly and easily. And the first thing is to go to the Ivoox page, choose the podcast you want to take to your mobile and in the “Share” option, choose the “Subscription” tab so that a URL appears. You copy it to the clipboard. From the browser you go to the Podcasts application on your iPhone and now you touch the “Library” tab that will appear at the bottom of the screen. That will take you to the area of ​​the app where your favorite channels and programs appear. Now you touch on the three horizontal points that you have at the top right and select the option “Add a program by URL…”. That will open a window with a space where we must paste that link that we have copied to the clipboard. If everything has gone well, you will see a confirmation check on the screen so that from that moment on it will be possible to carry that new channel that we have found and that we want to listen to within the iPhone and the official podcast app, as if it were from any other that we have already stored on the phone for months. Thus, you solve the problem of those contents that are not present on all platforms or that you cannot find despite the searches you try to see where they are. >

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